It’s a Lifestyle

I really don’t like the word “diet.” Makes me cringe. On a “diet?” OMG that seems like punishment. Diets have end-points. “Imma gonna diet for 6 months to look good at the beach!” But, when the diet is over, it’s back to the same-ole-same-ole and soon all the hard-won gains are gone.

Lifestyle 1

And, I hate it when someone tells me I can’t eat something because of my diet. I. WANT. THAT. DONUT! NOW!

I heard someone suggest that “philosophy” should be substituted for “diet.” Maybe. Seems a bit pretentious to me. Besides, I didn’t particularly enjoy Philosophy in college even though I had a minor in it. Did you like Philosophy?



Well, what then? How can we describe the way we eat? How about “lifestyle?” Life – life is good. Style – even a nerd like me appreciates style! So, lifestyle is the way you live. That includes eating, right? Seems kinda cool. It’s a positive. Gives you mental and emotional flexibility when you need it. And sometimes you I really need it! Your “lifestyle” will always bring you back to the way you want to be. (Who wants to go back to dieting??)

Testing how this sounds – “I am living a low-carbohydrate lifestyle.” (Oooh, might be onto something.) Or maybe, “I am living a grain-free lifestyle.” (Hmm, might not get invited to parties anymore.) Or maybe, “I am living a red wine & chocolate lifestyle.” (Hey, sign me up!)

Adopting a nutritional lifestyle will help you make the right choices as well help you get back on track easier. Lifestyle. I like that. Now, where’s that wine & chocolate?  – Richard