We share a tremendous passion for health and fitness and are CrossFit enthusiasts. On our journey to health, we realized that how we nourish our bodies is key to achieving sustained wellness. This passion has led us to tap into Della’s decades of restaurant experience to create a line of great tasting products that excites your taste buds as much as it fuels your body. We hope that you will fall in love with our delicious treats.


We developed our products for ourselves in order to meet our nutritional lifestyle needs which grew out of following the Paleo Diet and the Primal Diet. We believe in eating as close to Nature as possible, in minimal carbohydrate intake, in avoiding grains and in the avoidance of preservatives and other modern food additives.

We also strongly believe that eating is more than just “fueling” – it is one of life’s sensory pleasures. Sights, aromas, tastes and textures all contribute to feeding one’s body and nourishing one’s soul. The satisfying experiences you get with our products arise from their high quality ingredients – such as premium nut and seed flours – which are not diluted with common fillers. We also include the high quality natural sweeteners as part of our product mixes so that we can ensure great taste, texture and lower glycemic impact. These mixes are very simple to use by just adding in the wet ingredients you already have on hand.

By not using grain flours and keeping the carbohydrate content low, we’ve developed highly enjoyable products which are suitable for people who are gluten/grain sensitive, who are restricting their carbohydrate intake, or who just simply love delicious tasting food. Our products can be made dairy and egg free too. Now, with our products, you don’t have to feel as if you can’t eat foods that you miss. Now, Life is Better!


Della has a Master’s degree in Geographic Information Systems and currently oversees a team of application developers for a major municipality. Della’s career has spanned several industries starting from being a restaurant entrepreneur for over 15 years to a decade working in Economic Development for a large chamber of commerce to being in a leadership position in information technology.

Della’s first and current love has always been related to the food industry and with the fitness transformation due to embracing CrossFit and adopting the Paleo nutrition lifestyle Della is once again back to working with food as the CEO of Nourishe.


At the age of 52 Della came to the realization that she was in a seriously dangerous situation with her health. After battling diabetes for more than 15 years, weighing over 200 pounds and also suffering with high cholesterol and arthritis she decided to make a drastic lifestyle change by first starting an intense exercise program called CrossFit and then embarking on a nutrition change to adopt the Paleo diet along with being very low carb. Together these changes helped her to completely transform her health and fitness. After dropping a significant amount of weight and going from a size 18 dress size to a size 10 today she is able to live an active lifestyle and enjoy Olympic style weightlifting in addition to continuing to do CrossFit workouts.

The idea of starting a business making Paleo friendly low carb baking mixes grew out of over a year of experimenting in her own kitchen. One thing she discovered was that there were not a lot of great tasting products or even good recipes out there that are aligned with the Paleo, gluten free and low carb nutrition philosophy. It became harder and harder to stick with this lifestyle without having delicious food now and then. She decided to put her years of culinary experience to work and after many trial and errors she was able to finally have success in making grain free flours have the same great taste and texture as normal cakes, breads, pancakes, waffles. And so a business was born Learn more about Della’s story.


Richard has a M.A. in History and worked as an Academic Advisor at a major southeastern university for fifteen years. He also worked as a web designer for twelve years and is currently managing the operational duties of Nourishe.

His hobbies embrace chess (including coaching at the scholastic level), photography, baking artisanal breads, and making wine. With his return to fitness, he enjoys competing in Master’s Track events having won 3 state championships for the 400m race and placing 5th at the 2015 National Senior Games in the 400m race.


Richard’s “transformation” is entering its sixth year, which he finds almost as hard to believe as the changes themselves. Then, he weighed a flabby 190 pounds (his peak had been 199); now he weighs a very fit buck-65. (He bottomed out around 155.) He’s changed mentally and emotionally, too – getting one’s body and life back makes a huge difference! After 25 years of inactivity, he is able to run again, even able to compete nationally in Track. As the saying goes, “Priceless.”

When he and Della decided they were sick and tired of being sick and tired, they joined a CrossFit gym. They were very apprehensive about it, to say the least. Richard was hoping he could finish the month-long beginner’s class without injuring himself and perhaps even lose ten pounds along the way. He never envisioned sticking with CrossFit or the incredible makeover it would cause. He didn’t even adopt the Paleo Diet until four months into CrossFit.

He likes to say “if you had told me then that these changes were possible, I’d have laughed at you.” Yet, day after day, progress happened and is still on-going. Now, he wants to share it forward. He remembers the struggles to learn a new lifestyle and stick to it. He knows he’s not perfect at it, but finds it much easier to continue the health and fitness journey with great tasting food. After all, life is too short not to have pizza! Learn more about Richard’s story.