Here you will find amazingly great tasting Paleo friendly and gluten free low carb baking mixes featuring cakes, breads, pancakes, waffles and pizza crust.

These delicious Paleo baking mixes make sticking to a Paleo diet or gluten free diet so much easier.

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Nourishe Products

Our delicious and easy to use mixes are made from all natural grain free flours from nuts and seeds.

We use no artificial ingredients or preservatives. We even supply the natural sweeteners to ensure that you get the best tasting results with a lower glycemic impact.

$7.00 shipping for orders over $50.00 to any 48 contiguous US state!


About Nourishe

We developed our products for ourselves in order to meet our nutritional lifestyle needs which grew out of following the Paleo Diet and the Primal Diet.

We believe in eating as close to Nature as possible, in minimal carbohydrate intake, in avoiding grains and in the avoidance of preservatives and other modern food additives.


Nourishe Recipes

We share a tremendous passion for health and fitness and are CrossFit enthusiasts.

On our journey to health, we realized that how we nourish our bodies is key to achieving sustained wellness. We hope that you will fall in love with our delicious treats.



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